A Sample of Music – Deftones

I talk about metal and such in my profile and I just thought I would clarify exactly what that means for those of you who are interested. As far as metal goes, I love all kinds (except Hair Metal). I love death, black, progressive, heavy, screamo, grindcore, hardcore, punk, electronicore, alternative, crabcore, Sumeriancore, the list goes on. I love it all. Ever since I found Deftones back in 2000 when I watched the Matrix, I was hooked. A whole new kind of music was available to me, and so I will share it with you. Every once in a while if I review a CD or have the urge to share a good band I’ll just post a video or something. I hope you all enjoy some Deftones. I can’t believe they’ve been around since I was born and a bit more. 22 years!!! Some of the best ones never die. You gotta give credit to Chino Moreno for his amazing vocals and Abe Cunningham for his great drum beats that keep me coming back despite their seemingly simplistic grooves and breakdowns. Deftones will always have a special place in my heart for opening a whole new world of music to me.

So here’s a little some of Deftones for you. Take this as a jumping point, into the abyss.

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