NBA 2K11

A sample of game graphics from 2K11

All right, first impressions. Compared to NBA 2K10, this game is quite good graphically. But I’m gonna say there are many places in which this game lacks. The ball handling controls in this game are hard to grasp and in turn this makes it quite difficult to drive the ball. The shooting is a bit easier to control, but it seems as if scoring lots of points is next to impossible. What I always like seeing is the moves and sequences the game uses for lay-ups, dunks, shooting, and rebounding, and this game does not disappoint. Within the first half hour of play, I was crapping my pants with the dunks of M.J. and my favorite player, Jamario Moon. And that’s where I come to my biggest complaint about this game. How in the HELL are the Cavs supposed to win a game? I played three games, and it may be my novice experience, but there was not a prayer for one of those games to go in favor of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Thanks a lot LeBron for leaving… You’ve now cursed every NBA video game from here until the next 20 years. The Association play is great with new managing features and a great time saving feature for trading. The Michael Jordan best games feature looks promising, but the downside is to use the My Jordan feature, you have to beat all of those games, a daunting task for a player such as me. As far as I can see, the game looks great and as I play, I feel it will become even better. I give it a 7.5 out of 10, and now I’m gonna go back to playing.

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