Welcome to the Abyss

Hey, I’m Ross. (“The Boss” as I’ve been known for quite some time, but I hardly think of myself as an actual “Boss”) I love horror movies, all things metal, sci-fi and fantasy novels, (along with the occasional classic) video games, and anime. I run the gamut on media and enjoy more than just my favorite genres. I call my blog “reviewsfromtheabyss” purely out of my own interests. I enjoy a lot of “dark” things, mostly metal and horror, and if anybody knows Knights of the Abyss, then you know exactly where I’m coming from. A bit of instant inspiration, but it’ll do for the long run. I’m not all doom and gloom though. I’m very tolerant of all movies and music and read whatever I can get my hands on. I don’t enjoy it all, but I give it a fair chance. I don’t find myself old enough to say that I have seen and heard it all, but movies and music and books have been my life, and I enjoy the appreciation of it all. You are probably going to find some of my posts away from the mainstream (I won’t watch Avatar on principle) and quite strange (Meet the Spartans is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen) but apart from that, welcome to The Abyss, and I hope you’ll stay for a while.

9 responses to “Welcome to the Abyss

  • Effie Forbis

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  • gundam

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  • Credit Keeper

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  • Nastassia Markiewicz

    Dear Ross the Boss,

    I read your Cyberbully review and I cannot express how honored I was to find myself mentioned.

    I greatly appreciate the constructive criticism. You’re absolutely right. God forbid putting such an ugly face on TV. I sincerely apologize that I subjected you to it. It’s just not right. I’ll be wearing a paper bag over my head for future auditions.

    Can’t thank you enough!


    • rosstheboss56

      Hey Nastassia,

      I am honored by the simple fact you posted on my blog! In a movie that posed you in such a horrid light, you must excuse my ranting if you can find it in the kindness of your heart. I blog in a very specific way and it comes off as quite negative when I get on a tangent. I mean no harm in what I say and I don’t write in a malicious manner for more than comedic relief. To even expect anyone to see my insignificant blog has left me awestruck! I’m sure you are a wonderful and beautiful person, and I hope this movie doesn’t curb your acting career. Sorry for the bit of cyberbullying from my end. Thanks for posting!


      • Anonymous

        No hard feelings! I’ve just taken so much flack for playing obnoxious Lindsay… guess it comes with the territory. Sometimes I just feel it in my fingertips to write back! I like the way you write and I love horror movies, too! Hopefully I’ll find a way to break into that genre one day. Either way, I’m following your blog now, so no more slandering my name! Hah! -Nastassia

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