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When They Cry… Again…

So I just got done watching the second season of Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni (Kai) and let me say, just as good as the first. I’ve decided to just write a little blog about it to explain it a tad and tell about it somewhat, but I really can’t get into a lot of it because it may/may not ruin your experience if you haven’t watched the first season/second season at all. So here goes.


Higurashi Children

This season takes off where the last one left off. Rika is greatly stressed as a character in this series and if you saw the short two episode arc in the first season, you’ll know why. This season is known more as the answer arcs to the first season, so this is where you’re gonna find a lot of what left you scratching your head/pondering, all wrapped up nicely with a bow for you.

A lot of the minor characters (Jirou Tomitake, the photographer, Miyo Takano, the burned alive every 20 seconds nurse, and Dr. Irie, the man obsessed with Satoko and Rika.) and this helps flesh out the story. We begin to see how the role of the secondary characters actually play bigger roles than the main group of children. It sets up for a well ended and intense plot that I thought was amazing. Watch the 22nd episode, blow you away.

The art direction and voice actors are all the same. Just as good and just as sick. (If you need a refresher on Higurashi, check out my other blog on it.) There’s less blood and intensity so far as psychosis goes, but it doesn’t impede the story to any degree. As you are along for the ride, you find that what you thought isn’t true, and what is true is not what you thought at all. It really is an episode by episode basis that you ride by these characters living or dying. It’s quite exhilarating.

My favorite, Rika "Nii-Paa!"

Other than that, it’s all up to you to watch. If you watch both series, you’re really gonna be quite happy with the ending. You appreciate how each series offsets the other and leads to quite the pulse-pounding ending. Have fun watch and remember, watch it with the lights off. It’ll make for an Abyss-worthy watch. 8.7 out of 10