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Clannad: After Story

This is the one where the water works are gonna start. Taking place a few months after the first series, Clannad: After Story is about two high school sweethearts, Tomoya and Nagisa. This series goes farther than the other series by setting events as far as 7 years after the first. This allows Tomoya and Nagisa to develop into a wonderfully loving couple, scraping through their lives right after high school. All of the characters have parted ways and Tomoya has gotten himself a little apartment with a meager paying job. In a slice of life anime/drama, this focuses on the lives of those people trying to develop a life for themselves, if they can.

And, boy oh boy, you’re gonna feel your heart out for Tomoya and Nagisa. You’ll root for them and cry far more than you

Ushio, the cutest of babies.

thought you ever could. I don’t want to reveal too much, but this one is better than the first, if you haven’t seen either, it’s time to start now. Clannad is used as a springboard for After Story and creates a sound basis for you to connect with them in later life. For the younger viewers of this anime, it may become hard at this point to relate to characters who are growing up faster than their own legs can carry them in 20+ episodes. Starting a life and making a career is realistically portrayed in this anime more than I’ve seen in most T.V. show dramas here in the states. This is refreshing to see on a lot of levels and makes it all the more real with all you’ll see over time.

The wonderful, loving family.

I would urge those of you who read my blog and who will take my advice and watch this anime to take it slow through the anime. Yeah sure, watch the first one faster than After Story. But realize, when you get into Clannad, you may not want it to end so quickly. And you may need some time to dry your tears. That’s some real truth coming from this guy over here. I would probably give this anime a spot in my top 20 and that’s no joke there.

The wonderful cast, and an X-mas to remember.

There’s a baby, and some wonderful father and daughter love. Tomoya has a wonderful support network and flourishes under the pressures that are placed on him. This show is really about the triumph of the will and the importance of family and love. Because, in this anime, the dividing line between distance and connection is the finest of lines. With a wonderful Japanese voice acting cast and tears hidden around every corner, you won’t know just when to be happy or sad. Oh, and that robot and the girl? That’s all explained in After Story. So grab your tissues for this 8.7 out of 10 anime.

Reincarnation (Frightened by a Doll)

So I watched this Asian Horror Movie gem late last night. And I mean late. Talkin’ 3 AM here. Not a good decision at all. From the D rating I would’ve given the DVD previews for movies from Lion’s Gate and After Dark Films, this looked headed straight for the “piss-poor” category. Wow, was I wrong.

Reincarnation, as it’s simple titled, is exactly what is says. This movie deals with reincarnation. Hardcore reincarnation. Like, if you were killed it a previous life and found out you were killed in a previous life, best bet’s that you’re gonna die in the next 90 minutes. The story revolves around the brutal murder-suicide of eleven people, 3 of a family and 8 hotel employees by a professor. Interesting they point out more it’s a professor than just a dad… But it’s not about the original killings. It’s about the movie that reenacts the brutal killings of 35 years ago. And these killings start happening again.

People in this movie die quite quickly. Usually a knife to the chest, low budget, insignificant death. And it’s not the people that you think. You know, the box synopsis suggest those who play the roles of the victims dies. But it’s more than that. Remember. Reincarnation. And as people die, which it seems like nobody notices, the main actor who portrays the young girl victim, Nagisa, is discovering more than she’d like by way of realistic flashbacks. And that’s not even the best part. You have to watch for the best part.

The best part of this movie is the scary-ass doll that is in literally half the movie. You think, “It’s alive. Clearly, it’s alive.” (You may be right.) But the way in which this thing goes down, will not let you sleep soundly, if at all. That thing takes the whole movie to the next level for me. I wasn’t scared at first, but Asians, master horror movie makers that they are were like, “Hmm, how can I make Ross poop his pants all the way over in America?” Here. Perfect. Evil doll. (This fear sparks from seeing Chucky wayyy too early in my life and being subjected to a Howdy Doody doll in my grandmother’s basement. That thing moves. Also, I don’t like midgets. They are living dolls.)

One of the best things about this movie is the way it comments on the horror movie industry. With movies like The Amityville Horror and The Exorcism of Emily Rose, does recreating a murder or otherworldly experience really bring about real experiences for the movie makers? The taboo of “Don’t dirty a dead man’s name” (Just made that up.) in a movie or go dancing on graves (Gravedancers, another quality Lion’s Gate feature.) really going to incur the wrath of those who are dead? Food for thought. And I thought this movie, based on scary effects and overall appeal of the acting and directing, deserves a solid 6 out of 10.

Ridiculously Scary Doll (Intense Opening)