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Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

A wonderful dad and his son, my Dad would agree.

It’s Ross “TheBoss” here again from The Abyss wishing every one of you dads out there a Happy Father’s day. I’m actually several hours away from my dad at the moment (summer work elsewhere) and this is how I’m getting my dad’s present to him. What could I possibly be sending my dad via a blog post? Well here’s the surprise…

Dad, and I know you follow me so you’ll get a notification, you get to pick out a movie of your choice and review it on my blog. Get the word out about one of your favorite films and let people know what you think. Sound like a good present? Whenever you find one you want to review, just let me know and you can post it whenever you want. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!


Your Son (reviewsfromtheabyss)